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How to build a Kitchen Island Bench

Step 3. Connect the front and rear frames

kitchen island bench with side rails being fixed kitchen island bench with all side rails fixed

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Refer to the pictures and drawings to better understand the instructions below.
Lay the two frames (front and rear) on edge, upright and parallel.
Fix a side-rail [b2] (with one screw only each side) across the top, flush with the top of the top under-rail and flush with the outside face of the adjacent side-rails.
Fix a side-rail [b2] (with one screw only each side) on the inside of the lower legs, inbetween the lower side-rails.
Flip the unit over and repeat the above procedure on the opposing side.
Check all is square and add more screws.

kitchen island bench with some side railskitchen island bench with all side rails fixed

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