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Kids bbq table
User Comments/Photos
bullet kids bbq table Metric version
bullet kids bbq table Standard version

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User comments/photos

Hi, thank you for the updates, email. I made the kids picnic table from scrap wood. also the adult one. Wife, over the moon. more and photos >>
Tony Kelly

For Mother's Day, May 8th 2011, we had our family together to build picnic tables for the grandkids. I can't express how much fun it was to have everyone involved. more and photos >>

My wife asked me what we should get for our grand daughter's 2nd birthday and mentioned a kid's picnic table. I didn't have much time so I immediately Googled and found your site and that weekend   more and photo >>
John and Donna Toombs

Hi, Thanks for the nifty picnic table plans. I found them on your site and gave them to my brother who was on his way to work as a volunteer in an orphanage in Kenya. more and photo >>
Sincerely, Hugh Schmelzenbach

Dear BuildEazy. I made this picnic table for my 5 yrs old son. Very simple plan and easy to follow. Result is fantastic. My whole family loves it. I used 100% scrapped woods. Many thanks all the way from Malaysia. Best regards,   see photo >>
Azman Md Ali - Kajang, Malaysia

Oh I'm so proud! I actually managed to build the kids picnic table for my son's 3rd birthday. It took me quite a while - the kids helped! I had a few problems too   more and photo >>
A-M M Dusseldorf

I built two copies of your "Children's BBQ table" from reclaimed lumber. I'm a volunteer for ReStore, an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity in Iowa, USA.   more and photo >>
Rob Bruce   Iowa, USA

My wife had been hinting that she would like a kids picnic table that would suit our kids, ages 6 and 4. I had not built one before, but started looking for a simple plan to follow as a first attempt... more and photos >>>
Darryl Harder

I just wanted to say thanks for the plans. They were well laid out, easy to follow and produced a great final product.
My husband and I decided to tackle a wood property fence after Hurricane Ike   more and photo >>
Renshaw Design, E. Renshaw, League City, TX

My husband and I just finished building the child-sized picnic table for our daughter. It is perfect in every aspect and just what we were looking for. It only cost us around $40., far cheaper than buying a wooden one already made or even the plastic ones We used treated lumber and switched out the 1x3's with 2x4's. The plans were great and we didn't even argue once. Great site! We will be back soon for more plans.
THANK YOU!! The Randalls, Mars Hill, NC

Hi there, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the plans/instructions on making the kids picnic table.
I'm a complete beginner and even i made a pretty good table. My little boy absolutely loves it.
Thank you, Aftab (Bristol, UK)    See photo here.

Just wanted to let you know the plans were perfect. Living in central NY I beefed it up a bit using 2x4, 2x6 and decking boards all treated lumber to withstand the harsh winters. I've attached a few pictures, nice project the kids could help with. It's the twins 5th Birthday next week.
Thanx for the plans. Paul    See photos here.

Hello, my husband Ray Lankton, built this kid's picnic table for our grandchildren.
They loved it. He said the plans were easy to follow and the table turned out beautifully.
See photos here.
Many Thanks, Jean Lankton

Using plans from your website, my husband made this lovely pine picnic table for our daughter's birthday party out of a used bookshelf! Easy to build--thanks!
See photo here.

This was my first woodworking project and after I finished it, I painted the picnic table! It turned out great and my kids LOVE it!!!
See photo here.

Wanted to add this pic to my comments about children's picnic table.
Thanks! Still love checking out your site    See photo here.
Lorrie Marantz.

The table went together really easily, and fits my 2 & 5 year olds perfectly with room to grow. It is their dining table!   Click here to see photo.
B & J Tarrant

I built my kid's table from compressed plastic decking planks. And although it weighed about 50 Lbs. and cost well over $50.00 for brass screws, etc. it has survived for four harsh years in the sun, rain, snow, bird droppings, pine sap and all the abuse a bunch of 5 year olds can dish out. It looks great and my neighbors want to borrow it all the time for parties and such. Great plans!

Sam built a picnic table for his grandchildren.....
This was a great project and the grandkids love it--simple to make but a very sturdy little table. Click here to see photo.
-----Sam from Tennessee

Thanks so much for the great plans. My 3 year-old daughter absolutely loves her picnic table. We keep it inside and have picnics and snacks indoors. It's great fun. Next summer I will make another for outside. Excellent website. Looking forward to trying some more projects from here.
L Marantz

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