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How to build a Lean-to Pergola back to startgo to
The plans
Below is an example of working plans for a lean-to pergola and roof, 9m (30ft) long x 2.4m (8ft) wide.

The Site Plan
pergola site plan This plan shows the placement of the pergola in relation to the existing house and boundaries.

The Flat Plan (footprint)
pergola foot print plan The flat plan is an arial (looking down) view of the pergola addition.
It shows the overall dimensions of the project and information such as footing placements, bearer and rafter placement and spacings between rafters.

The Cross-Section Plan
pergola section plan The cross section plan is a plan taken from a cross section of the flat plan. The cross section shows lumber sizes and footing size.
A detail plan is accompanied to give clearer detail.
A detail plan is a blow up (magnified) part of the plan.

The Elevation Plan
pergola elevation plan The elevation plan is more like a drawing of the outside of the addition rather than a plan although is still drawn to scale. The elevation plan gives a good perspective of the addition to the untrained eye.

How to build a Lean-to Pergola back to startgo to

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