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Making a lumber floor   Page 8 of 21  

playhouse floor 1800mm x 1800mm (6ft x 6ft) floor on skids
Place the 100x100 (4x4) skids level and parallel on firm ground free of any vegetation.
Space the skids apart so that the overall measurement is 1400mm (56").

On level ground, make up the Floor Frame comprising of two 100x50 (2x4) joists nailed together at each end, two 100x50 (2x4) intermediate joists evenly spaced and two 100x50 (2x4) rim (boundary) joists. The end result should be a square 1800x1800 (72" x 72").
Place the square floor frame on top of the skids, ensure the floor frame is square and then fasten in place. Toenail (angle nail) through the joists into the skids.

Cover the floor with 18mm (3/4") plywood, nailing a maximum of 200mm (8") apart on all joists. Any join should be over a joist.

All the wood used in the floor structure should be suitable for exterior use.

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