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Letter Holder
letter rack
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A letter holder is not only practical but can also adorn a passage, entry or other suitable wall and it is relatively easy to make.
This letter holder allows letters from the mailbox to be sorted and stored into individual pockets awaiting collection from different family members. As well, car key hooks along the bottom of the letter holder will help ensure that the letters will be seen by the people they are intended for. Below is a Materials List and required tools list.
On subsequent pages there are step-by-step instructions accompanied by photos and detailed plans.

Materials list

1 of 600mm x 600mm (2ft x 2ft) Sheet of 4.5mm (3/16") thick mdf, plywood or similar type panel board. (Specifications allow for a bit of wastage.)

1 of 2000mm (80") length of 45mm x 19mm (3/4"x 1 1/2") wood. (Specifications allow for a bit of wastage.)

50 panel pins (i.e. small thin nails 25mm (1") long.)

15 wood screws 38mm (1 1/2") long.

5 key hooks.

A bit of PVA wood glue and some sandpaper.

A drawing of all the parts can be seen here

Required tools

Hammer Hand saw Jig-saw Carpenter's pencil Measuring tape Drill Drill bit (slightly thicker than the screw shank)

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