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Picnic table for the kids

Your Comments

Photos of your handiwork can be sent via the Contact Us page.

Photos and constructive comments are a great help to others contemplating the start of a project.

Kids picnic table by Terry King

I took the plans for the kids BBQ table and boxed in the table top now I have an elevated sand box. Kids can sit or stand and have a blast.... more »
Terry King
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Kids picnic table by James Bewley

Thanks for posting the design online. I used the plan to build a kids picnic bench with storage... more »
James Bewley
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Kids picnic table by Tony Kelly

hi, thank you for the updates, email. I made the kids picnic table from wood... more »
Tony Kelly
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Cindys picnic table

For Mother's Day, May 8th 2011, we had our family together... more »
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Kids picnic table made by E Renshaw

I just wanted to say thanks for the plans. They were well laid out, easy to follow and produced a great final product... more »
E. Renshaw
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Pauls picnic table for the kids

From Paul
Just wanted to let you know the plans were perfect.
Living in central NY I beefed it up a bit using 2x4... more »
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Lorrie Marantz built this kids picnic table

Wanted to add this pic to my comments about children's picnic table.
Thanks! Still love checking out your site
Lorrie Marantz
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