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Wendy house
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How to build a Wendy House     (metric version)

Note: this is the metric version.   For the standard (ft and inch) version click here

Step ten: The windows wendy house window
Draw a window pattern such as an oblong, heart or 4 squares (keeping within the perimeters of the window frame) and cut out with a jigsaw. First drill a hole through the plywood using a drill bit large enough to make a hole that will accept the jigsaw blade.

Once the windows are cut out, cover with an oblong piece of 3mm acrylic sheet (plastic glass). Ensure the acrylic sheet is larger than the window holes to allow for waterproof mastic sealant and screwing.

The tops of the acrylic sheet on the sidewalls should tuck under the existing flashing.

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Step eleven: The handrail handrail for the wendy house
Cut the 90mm x 46mm top and bottom rails to length (to fit between the posts) and rebate them (cut a channel along the centre of each piece)..

On one side only, pencil two lines 25mm apart along the length in the centre of the rails.(See handrail detail diagram). Set the blade on your circular saw to a depth of 20mm and do repeated cuts along and between the two pencil lines.
Clean out with a chisel.
This will give you a rebated groove 25mm wide x 20mm deep along the centre of the rails.

Cut 150mm x 25mm timber (standard fence palings ) into 540mm lengths and implement a pattern of your choice.
The pattern shown in the handrail detail diagram is just one idea.
Make the pattern on one piece of paling and use that as a template to do the rest.

Fit the palings into the rebated grooves in the top and bottom rails.
This is best done by laying the top and bottom rails on the ground and then inserting the palings into the grooves.
If the number of palings does not work out exactly, one of the palings will need to be marked and ripped (cut) lengthwise.
When one section is finished, tie a rope around each end so the palings will not fall out while that section is being installed.
Nail each section in, and fix the rails to the posts with 90mm galvanized jolt head nails.
Do this to all 3 sections.   All Done. Eazy with a z.   Have fun!