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Wendy house
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How to build a Wendy House     (metric version)

Note: this is the metric version.   For the standard (ft and inch) version click here

Step six: The wall cladding
From six full 2400mm x 1200mm x 7mm sheets of plywood cut the individual pieces required to cover the walls and roof.
Refer to the 'Plywood sheet cutting detail' image for the size of the individual pieces.

Note: You can use 10mm thick plywood if you want something a bit more substantial.

wall cutting plan for the wendy house

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wendy house flashing detail Fix the wall panels in place so that the bottoms finish 10mm below the bottom plate. The front panels will need to be checked (marked and cut) around the lower rafters [l]. Mark and cut out any windows (you might want to do a fancy shape here), doors or overhanging edges. Nail with 40mm or 50mm flathead galvanized nails. Keep the door cutout intact, as this will later become the door.

Next hold the gable side panel [S3] in place on top of the sidewall panel [S1], mark to the triangular shape of the gable, cut and fix in place. Insert a length of galvanized horizontal weather-strip flashing so it tucks under the bottom of the gable side panel [S3], and over the top of the sidewall panel [S1]. See diagram.

Step seven: The roof cladding
The roof plywood panels [R1], [R2] and [R1] can be fixed in the same way as the wall panels.
The roof panels will overhang the perimeter (front, back and sides) by approximately 50mm.