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Wendy house
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How to build a Wendy House     (metric version)

Note: this is the metric version.   For the standard (ft and inch) version click here

Step eight: The ridge capping, fascia and barge board
The ridge capping, fascia and barge board are (in this case) all the same type of timber, namely 100mm x 25mm sawn (rough sawn) treated pine.

The ridge capping is the board on the ridge of the roof and its purpose is for waterproofing. The fascia and barge board are the boards encompassing the house at the top of the walls tucked under the roof cladding overhang.
The board along the front and back of the house is called the fascia board and the board running up the gable on the sides of the house is called the barge board (rake board).
Fix all with 75mm galvanized jolt head nails.

A pattern can be cut into the fascia and barge board and the shape used is solely a matter of personal preference.
roof trim for the wendy house
A pattern like this can be made on the fascia and barge boards by using the bottom of a paint tin (or similar) as a template to mark the rounds and then by cutting out with a jigsaw.

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Step nine: The door wendy house door
The cut-out piece of plywood saved from the door hole can now be made into the door. Trim the bottom edge (about 20mm) to ensure the door will easily open and sand the edges. There should be about 5mm clearance both sides of the door.
Reinforce the door with 100mm x 25mm wood nailed to the back.

Hold the door in place with packers and wedges and screw on the hinges. See diagram.

Nail a piece of doorstop (25mm x 25mm) down the doorjamb stud 32mm in from the outside (the thickness of the door). This acts as both a doorstop and wind and weather seal.

A preferred door handle / lock / or latch can be fitted.