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How to build a Wendy House

wendy house
Wendy house - Your photos and comments
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Wendy House built by David

from David Lambert

Thank you for the Wendy House plans. I followed the same basic idea, but made it bigger (6x9 plus porch, and 9 feet high).

Ok, I went completely overboard, building it on a concrete footing with block paver porch, insulated and finished interior walls, full electric, carpet, air conditioning.

Wendy house built by Ron

from Ron Herbig

I recently found your website and printed the Wendy House plans.

I built it entirely with used materials with the exception of the roofing and nails.

Photos and comments sent in are a great help to other DIYers that may be contemplating the start of a project.
Post your photo and/or comment here

Your submissions are greatly appreciated.

More user photos and comments below.

Wendy house built by Cullum

from Callum

I have 4 of my 5 nieces are in one family, and are very grateful!
It was the first time I have built something like this and the project was a success, largely due to sensible and easy to follow instructions.
Some things future builders might want to consider.
1) Moving the WH. I built off site. With hindsight, I should have attached casters to the floor joists.
2) Invest in a good drop saw (or Compound Miter Saw). I can't believe how much I used it.
3) We painted 3 blackboards internally (on the back of the plywood walls). Nieces 4 loved this.
4) For internal light, might want to use clear plastic roofing materials.
Again, thanks.

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