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Making a workbench
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The workbench plans are great. I bought the lumber and made the workbench all in one day and I have no carpentry skills. Based on the comments of others I would do the following modifications to make it even easier to build:

1. Only buy (8) 4" lag bolts/nuts/washers for each of the leg connections and then use 3.5" dry wall screws for everything else (substitute two screws for every lag bolt). It will be less expensive and the workbench will still be solid as a rock (and it makes the job go quicker too).

2. Use MDF board for the tabletop and shelf. The stock size MDF comes in should cover both parts (the bottom shelf might have to be two pieces though). It's smoother and it holds up well. I had the tabletop cut to 30" W x 6' L which gives it the perfect amount of outcropping for a vice.

3. If at all possible go to a lumberyard! Sure I go to the big box stores a lot, but all of the above modifications were made because the lumber guys took the time to look at the plans and give their opinion. They measured out how much lumber I would need so I ended up with very little waste. In addition their lumber is FAR better quality and they cut the MDF board exactly to my dimensions.

4. Practical advice, cut all the pieces to size first, but use the first piece you cut for each section as the template. This way you will be assured of even pieces. I couldn't cut to measure to save my life, but doing it this way made the assembly a snap.

My total cost for everything was about $73 US.

JG, Cincinnati, OH, USA

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