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Making a workbench
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I made the workbench from your plans.

I am 10 years old and I built the workbench on my driveway in 8 hours.
The plans were easy to understand. I brought the plans with me to the store and they cut the wood for me.
I also used the 2 1/2" and 3" deck screws that someone had suggested instead of the carriage bolts.
I used a power drill-driver to help me get the screws in easily and my mom double-checked all my measurements.

I love my workbench. It is very strong. It is also very heavy so I decided not to attach to top. That way we can take the top off to make the workbench easier to move.
The top fits very well and doesn't slide around. It is an outdoor workbench so I used pressure treated wood.

The project cost me $84. Thank you very much for the plans and instructions!

Aidan, Florida, August 2007

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