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How to build a Bench Swing Support Frame


bench swing supporting frame

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The bench swing

This support frame is a solid structure purpose made to hold a bench swing but it can have multiple other uses such as supporting a kids' swing set.

The footprint (ground area) of this bench swing support frame is 2700mm (9ft) x 2100mm (7ft).
The overall height is 2025mm (81").

Although this support frame is purpose-made for a particular bench swing, it can also be used to support numerous other utilities such as swings or maybe a glide-ride, and is even capable of accommodating certain types of gym equipment.

It is a very solid frame and basically consists of two end A-frames designed to minimize front and back movement, a beam which sits on top and two braces designed to minimize sideways movement.

The lumber used in this project is 100 by 100 (4x4) stock, which means that the lumber is 100 millimeters (4") wide by 100 millimeters (4") thick. This is a very common stock size and should be readily obtainable from most lumber or building supply yards. If you prefer to use smooth lumber as opposed to rough, that generally means that the wood has been planed or dressed and therefore the size of the lumber will be slightly smaller, but that does not matter.

Most important is that the lumber is suitable for outside use and strong enough for the job, which basically means the stock should be reasonably straight-grained and contain very few knots - definitely no big knots.

Your local lumber supplier will be able to advise you on the most suitable types of lumber available and also what safety precautions might need to be taken while working with any particular type of lumber.

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