Best Woodworking Chisels

Best Woodworking Chisels

It’s probably fair to say that a chisel is one of the most important tools any woodworker needs.

Whether you work in masonry, carpentry, construction, or simply enjoy working with wood in your spare time, a chisel can help you to cut, sculpt, and precisely shape various materials.

Named after its unique shape, the chisel is something every carpenter, newbie woodworker, or professional needs, but with so much variety on the market, finding the best chisels for your task can be overwhelming.

To make sure you find the best chisels, we’ve researched and found the best ones on the market. In this article, we’ll take a look at each one, showing you what they offer and any pros and cons.

Rexbeti 10pc Premium Wood Chisel Set

The first wood chisel set on our list is perfect for newbie carpenters looking for the essentials they need to start their carpentry journey.

Coming with everything you need to gain experience and learn, you’ll also find this set used by many professionals.

The Rexbeti chisel set consists of six chisels and a convenient sharpening stone, so you can always keep your chisels up to standard. Each chisel has been designed to serve a different purpose, ensuring you have the right tool for every job.

Made from chrome vanadium steel alloy, you can rest assured that these chisels will give you the sturdiness and durability you need to complete any task effortlessly. 

To guarantee consistent performance over time, these chisels are also rust-resistant.

In terms of usability, we found the Rexbeti chisels very easy to use. The high-quality chisels are highly efficient when it comes to creating complex designs and amazing artifacts.

We found that their bevel-edged design is ideal for creating dovetail and tenon joints too. 

This premium set of chisels is also comfortable to hold thanks to the strong, yet soft rubberized handles the blades come with. This solid design also stops your hands from slipping.

  • Solid handle – Your hands won’t slip when using these chisels.
  • Cap cover included – This allows you to use a mallet with the chisels without damaging them.
  • Good accuracy – The chisels’ bevel edge guarantees accuracy.
  • Short sharpening stone – This makes it quite difficult to sharpen the blades.

Irwin Marples Chisel Set

If you’re looking for an affordable set of high-quality chisels, the Irwin Marples chisel set could be perfect. 

The beauty of this chisel set is that you don’t have to be an expert to use them. Irwin has always produced advanced, expert tools, but always manages to make them suitable for beginners. They’ve done just that with this set. 

Offering efficient techniques for various situations, this set comes with six chisel blades.

Made with precision and from high carbon steel, this set will enhance your woodworking ability and guarantee that you work with higher levels of accuracy when working with more complex designs. The set also contains a 1-inch blade for any larger trims.

Thanks to the chisel’s durable structure and shock-proof handle made from polypropylene, striking the chisel with a mallet is possible without damaging the blades. 

When we reviewed this set, we were impressed with the chisels as a whole, but some things stood out. One thing we really loved was the chisels’ lightweight feel.

The alloys used to make the chisels feel great to hold and compact. The handles helped by being comfortable to hold, offering more efficiency and a steadier control.

  • Versatile – The Irwin Marples set can be used for any task.
  • Affordable – This set of chisels represents excellent value for money.
  • Shock-proof handles – This adds another layer of protection and security.
  • Manually tuned handles – You have to tune the handles manually. 

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GREBSTK Professional Wood Chisel Set

The next set of wood chisels on our list is the professional wood chisel set from GREBSTK. If you’re looking for a simple, yet reliable set of extremely affordable chisels, look no further than this set.

This set of chisels features four different blades, varying in size, at an incredibly fair price. The largest blade in the set is the 1-inch blade, and the smallest is the ¼-inch blade. 

When you open this set of chisels, the first thing you’ll appreciate is how the blades have already been slightly oiled.

This nice touch protects the blades from corrosion, guaranteeing a longer lifespan. Each chisel also has a black plastic guard to prevent any unnecessary damage.

In terms of design, aside from being durable and pretty solid, this set also looks fantastic. With a more traditional beechwood design, this is a set of chisels you’ll enjoy using. 

This beechwood design also ensures a firmer, lightweight, and comfortable grip.

We were most impressed with the blade’s quality when we used this set. The strong chrome vanadium steel and sharp edge make it much easier to be more accurate and precise with each chisel.

  • Stylish design – The GREBSTK chisels look fantastic.
  • Perfect for carving – This set of chisels guarantees optimal control and accuracy.
  • Incredibly priced – This is the cheapest set of chisels you’ll find on our list.
  • Small set – You only receive four chisels

Ezarc 6 Pieces Wood Chisel Tool Set

Next, we have Ezarc’s 6-piece wood chisel set. Aimed at professionals looking to take on more challenging woodwork projects, this set is very well-made.

In this set of chisels, you’ll receive 6 different blades ranging in sizes from ¼-inch to 1-inch. With four blades in between, you are certain to find the chisel you need to complete almost any task. 

When it comes to reliability, durability, and solid design, this Ezarc chisel set takes some beating.

Made from fine-grained, tempered chrome vanadium steel, these blades are strong, stable, accurate, and very hard. In fact, they have a hardness rating of HRC60. 

Things only get better thanks to the chisel sets premium wooden handles. Made from strong ash tree wood, the chisels are comfortable to grip and reduce the levels of fatigue you would usually feel from other chisels.

Thanks to the strength of the handle, you can also use a mallet to strike the chisel when necessary. 

When reviewing this exquisite set of chisels, despite everything, the most notable thing for us was the bevel-edged design each blade has.

Beveled around 25 degrees, featuring a very sharp edge, cutting, chopping, and shaving can be super accurate.

  • Last a lifetime – This chisel set has been made to last.
  • Versatile – The Ezarc chisel set provides a chisel for almost every scenario.
  • Sharp – Cut, chop, shave, and scrape easily using this set of chisels.
  • Not great for tenons and dovetails – These chisels aren’t the best option for dovetail and tenon joints.

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Narex 4-Piece Chisel Set

The final woodworking chisel set on our list is the 4-piece chisel set from Narex. An affordable option that suits carpenters working on-site or at home best, you’ll soon find your projects a lot easier to complete with help from this set.

To produce a set of high-functioning, sturdy chisels, Narex has used a combination of manganese, chrome, and steel to make the set. This gives the user a much stronger, sturdier chisel and a much smoother blade.

Using manganese to make the chisels was a great touch as that also makes the chisels rust and heat-resistant. As if that wasn’t enough, the chisel blade’s sharpness has a rating of RC59.

This helps the sharpness of the blade’s edges last a lot longer.

When it comes to the handles, we were delighted with this set. The handles on Narex’s chisels are made of varnished and shock-resistant beechwood.

This helps make the chisels extremely durable. On top of that, the chisel handles are also polished so that they have that comfortable, firm grip we all seek.

Finally, the handles have curves in them to make it even easier to grab and move your chisels without your hand slipping.

  • Incredibly reliable and durable – Thanks to the manganese coating, these blades feature, they are amazingly durable and resistant to heat and rust.
  • Impressive handles – The handles on the Narex chisels are arguably the best on the market, offering extreme comfort and grip.
  • Accurate – The bevel edge on these blades guarantees accurate and precise performance.
  • Heavy – These chisels are surprisingly heavy.

Buyer’s Guide

Even when you have a list of solid options in front of you, deciding which set of chisels you need most can be tricky. The reason for this is quite simple.

There are still many factors and considerations you need to make to identify the set that will suit your needs the most. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide. In our buyer’s guide, you’ll find everything you need to think about before making a decision. Think about each factor carefully if you want to make the best decision possible.

The Type Of Chisel

One thing you really need to think about is what type of chisel it is you want. While this may seem pretty obvious, there are 3 different types of chisels to choose from.

You need to understand each chisel type to know which one is right for you. Below we have provided a brief description of each one.


Mortise chisels are a heavy-duty type of chisel primarily designed to chop and cut mortise and tenon joints. One significant benefit of a mortise chisel is that they are durable enough to be whacked with a mallet.

They are also thick enough to help you generate the leverage needed to remove wood.


Bench chisels generally feature a beveled edge. They are probably the most versatile type of chisel on the market, making them a good choice if you have a range of different tasks.

However, they aren’t great with mortise and tenon joints. This is the type of chisel you’ll most likely have on you at all times.


Paring chisels are thinner and longer than the other two types of chisels. They are better suited to precise, delicate types of work like carving.

While they aren’t strong enough to be hit with a mallet, they work well when removing only small amounts of materials to create a tight-fit joint.


The only way to work out precisely what type of chisel you need is by first working out what you need it for. If you don’t think about this carefully before choosing a type of chisel, you could end up with one that isn’t up to the task.

While some tasks may require just one type of chisel, it isn’t uncommon for bigger projects to need a variety of different chisels.

This is something else you should bear in mind. You may buy a set containing all three types of chisel instead if you deem it necessary.

Handle Type

It is also very important to consider the type of handle the chisels have. This is important because you need a chisel that is durable, comfortable, and firm to hold so that your hands don’t slip or feel fatigued after using the chisel for longer periods of time.

There are two types of chisels to choose from. These are tang and socket. Socket handles are cone-shaped and fit into the hollow receiver of the blade.

On the other hand, tang handles are inverse, featuring a metal cone that fits into the hollow handle. Socket handles tend to last longer as they are more durable, so they are usually the preferred choice.

Handle Material

To guarantee the comfort when holding the chisel, you need to look for a chisel that comes with a suitable handle.

Wood is the most commonly used type of handle as it is sturdy and quite comfortable to grip. However, rubberized handles are also a good choice as they tend to be firmer and softer griping. 

We would advise steering clear of plastic handles as they don’t offer as much. Having said that, they are cheaper.

Blade Durability 

Finally, you need to think about the chisel’s durability. If a blade isn’t made from high-quality materials, it won’t perform well for very long.

Therefore, you need to choose a blade made of strong, sharp, durable materials. Generally speaking, blades made out of steel are excellent options.

You can also find some blades that come with additional manganese coatings. This improves the durability of the blade by making them heat and rust-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Used Type Of Chisel?

The most used type of chisel is the bench chisel. This type of chisel is the most commonly used chisel because it offers the most versatility. Unlike the other two types of chisel, the bench chisel can be used to complete almost any task. 

This type of chisel is so commonly used that almost every woodworker keeps one with them when working.

How Many Chisels Should You Have?

Ultimately, how many chisels you own comes down to personal preference. If you feel that you only need two, then great. If you feel like you need six, also great. 

In our opinion, having at least two sizes of chisels at your disposal is a good idea. We like to keep a mortise chisel and bench chisel in our workbox.

Having said that, there’s much to benefit from having a complete set of 6 or more chisels with you. This increases your chances of always having a chisel to complete a task effectively.

Which Chisel Set Is The Best? 

For us, the GREBSTK chisel set takes the crown. In our opinion, this set offers the best overall package and ticks most of the boxes. Being available at such a reasonable price also helps.

Final Thoughts

Anyone working with wood needs to own a great set of woodworking chisels.

Whether you’re a professional carpenter who works with wood every day, a newbie looking to learn the ropes, or simply someone with a hobby that involves carving or cutting wood, a good set of chisels will make your life so much easier.

While it can be challenging to find the best set of chisels that suit your needs and requirements, in this article, we have shown you just how many excellent options are out there. 

We’ve taken you through 5 of the best chisel sets on the market, looking at everything they offer, how they are made, and any pros and cons you should be aware of.

We’ve even provided you with a buyer’s guide to help you make your final decision.

Now you have all of this information at your fingertips, it’s time to start narrowing down the options. Using our buyer’s guide, cut the list down until you’re left with the set of chisels that suits your needs perfectly. 


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