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How to build a Kids' Racing Car Bed

Section 7: Wood you will need

Section 7.1. Wood for the bed base

[a] side rail ¾" x 3½" (90 mm x 19 mm) 63" (1575 mm) 2
[b] bed slat support ¾" x 1½" (38 mm x 19 mm) 63" (1575 mm) 2
[c] bed slat ¾" x 3½" (90 mm x 19 mm) 27" (675 mm) 12

In all you will need:
6 lengths of ¾" x 3½" (90 mm x 19 mm) @ 8ft (2400mm) long.

Note: The above amount allows for wastage, and includes item [b] which can be ripped out of ¾" x 3½" (90 mm x 19 mm) stock.

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Section 7.2. Wood for the body panels

All the body (sides, front, and back) can be cut from 1 ¼ standard 8ft (2400mm) x 4ft (1200mm) sheets of 3/4" (18mm) custom MDF board.
You will also need an assortment of screws, nails, glue, along with paint and any other knick-knacks you might want to add.

boy asleep in kids racing car bed

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