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DIY cross-leg Garden Table & Bench

How to build a cross-leg garden table & bench

picnic table and bench with crossed legs


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Note: This is the standard version (ft and inch). There is another version in metric (mm) dimensions that can be viewed here.
This version is suited for North America, the metric version is suited for Australasia.


This is a good solid outdoor table with a separate stand-alone bench.
The plans allow for one bench, but it would be easy enough to double up and make two benches if you prefer a bench each side of the table.

This setting is ideal for a garden or lawn. It's a stand alone cross-leg table 80" long by 30-3/4" wide with a separate bench seat 80" long by 15-1/4" wide. It is a good size table with a wider than normal bench.

The unit is made solely out of 2x4 and 2x8 treated lumber (nominal size).
Refer to page 7 'Wood and wood sizes' for an explanation regarding the wood sizes.

Note: As well as this free online version, You can also purchase this plan in downloadable PDF file, print-friendly and in clean copy (free of ads) for only $5.00.   Click here to purchase.
The plans can be purchased online and immediately downloaded to your computer.

picnic table and bench with crossed legs

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