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How to build a simple garden chair


This garden chair is constructed solely from 100 mm x 50 mm (2x4) and 100 mm x 25 mm (1x4) wood. Both are common stock sizes and can be obtained from most wood stores.
Note that when wood is dressed or surfaced, the finished (actual) size (width and thickness) is less than the nominal size. The sizes referred to in this project are the actual sizes.
There is further information on wood and sizes on the previous page along with detailed drawings of every part showing dimensions, angle cuts and exact placement of required bolt holes.

Step 1.

Cut all the individual pieces to the sizes and shapes according to the plans on page 2.

Step 2.

Mark and drill 10 mm (⅜") bolt holes where required according to the plans on page 2.

Step 3.

Assemble the two side frames.
Lay members [e] and [d] on even ground or bench and then lay members [a],[b] and [c] on top with the bolt holes aligned. Then bolt the members together.
Screw the bottom of member [c] to member [b].
Refer to the side view plan (page 4) if you need to.
Note that the two side frames will be a mirror image of each other. See fig.1 below.

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garden chair frame figure 1

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