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House & Property Makeover
house before makeover
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'D.I.Y.' Home improvement projects around the property

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Bit of a do up
The house had been badly neglected and nobody had been living in it for a number of months. The lawns were overgrown and the gardens filled with weeds. The hedges were patchy in places and overgrown in other places. Un-permitted structures were attached to the building.
Yep, a real do up. See some pictures.

Below is a list of the home improvement projects done around the property.
Click on a title to go to is a full description of that project with a step-by-step account.

how to make a sliding driveway gate How to make a sliding gate

This sliding driveway gate is made completely out of lumber.

It replaces a pair of hinged opening gates that were a previous project and can be seen further down the page..   More >>>

concrete pillar for gate post How to make a concrete gate post

A description of how to make a concrete gate post. In all, we made three 1800mm (6ft) high concrete posts: two to hang the double gates and one on the side for the single walk-through gate.

Concrete posts are a bit more labor-intensive than lumber posts but well worth the extra effort and the overall cost would probably not be too much more than using lumber posts.   More >>>

girl on a rope swing How to make a rope swing

Sometimes you have to take time out from the do up work and make something for the kids.
This rope swing hangs from a round horizontal post that is tied to a tree. A sort of imitation branch.
Three types of seats were made for this swing.   More >>>

making a chain link fence How to make a pipe and chain-link mesh fence

We already had a hedge around the property boundary but still needed a fence to make a safe enclosure for the dog and grandkids.

We opted for a chain-link mesh and pipe fence so that eventually the hedge would grow through the fence and make it almost invisible.
This entailed cutting one side of the hedge away to enable the fence to be placed as close to the hedge trunks as possible.   More >>>

double driveway gates How to make a pair of lumber driveway gates

A fair amount of thought had to go into the design of these gates.
The driveway ran uphill, therefore the bottom of the gates had to raised be about 250mm (10") off the ground in closed position to enable the gates to open. More >>>

This meant devising something that would stop kids and dog from scrambling under the gate.
And that is exactly what we did. See a short video of how it works.

storage shed floor How to make a shed floor
Usually we would make our own storage shed, but in this case time was of the essence and we came across a reasonably priced galvanized steel shed which we could use in the interim.
We did however, still have to assemble the shed and make the floor.

This article explains how the shed floor was made.   More >>>

replacing an entry door How to replace an entry door
The glass in the entry door was cracked and the rest of the door wasn't much chop so it was a case of out with the old and in with the new.

This article explains how an entry door was replaced.   More >>>

how to make a concrete fence post cap How to make a concrete post cap
This article explains how to make a concrete cap for a concrete post.   More >>>

how to make a set of wide garden steps How to make retaining steps
This article explains how to incorporate a set of wide steps into a retaining wall. The steps are made out of 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4") treated posts.   More >>>

How to make a low picket gate, child-proof
How to make a standard 900mm (36') high picket gate so that kids can't open it.
More >>>

wooden fence gate Fence gate project
How to make a basic 6ft high fence gate.
More >>>

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