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BBQ Table Plans
octagonal eight sided BBQ picnic table
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How to build
an octagonal Picnic Table
bullet Page 1: About the lumber. Plans and instructions.
arrow Page 2: Plans and instructions continued, materials list.
bullet Page 3: Revised plans.
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Instructions: Upper and lower frames

Helpful reference:
There is now an updated version of the hexagonal (six sided) picnic table giving clearer instructions regarding the 'putting together' of the table .
Although that table is hexagonal (six sided) and this table is octagonal (eight sided), the assembly method is pretty much the same for both types of table.

And there is a short hexagonal picnic table video that gives a quick skim through the assembly stages. Could well be worth a peek if you are contemplating undertaking this project. Click here to see.

Make up both the tabletop support upper frame (d, d1, d2) and the seat support lower frame (c, c1, c2), on flat ground using the lumber in the cutting list above.
The center of both frames should be fixed as shown in drawing below, and the end outer points of the frames (8 each frame) should be equal distances apart.
Nail three metal galvanized strap plates to the top side and to the underside of both frames where they meet in the center (12 strap plates in all). See drawing below.

octagonal picnic table lower frame members   octagonal picnic table upper frame members

Instructions: Seat and table top boards.
Mark out from the center of both frames (measurements shown in diagram below) along every arm of the two frames. These are used as guides for placing the boards. Nail the cut tabletop boards (A's) to the upper frame (D's) beginning with the outer boards (longest boards). Ensure the joins are in the middle of the frame arms and equal distance from the center point of the frame. Continue around the frame with the next longest board and so on, until the table top is complete.
Do the lower (seat) frame (C's) in the same way using the cut seat boards (B's).

Use 100mm (4") galvanized flathead nails to fix the boards to the frame. Drill nail holes first to keep lumber from splitting.

octagonal picnic table boards

Instructions: The legs.
Lay the finished table top upside down on even ground. Position the finished seat frame upside down above the tabletop. Place packers or blocks under the seat frame until the seat frame sits at the appropriate height above the tabletop frame. Position the legs in place as per below drawing. Hold with clamps, drill and bolt.

octagonal picnic table cross-section plan
Eazy with a Z!

150x50 (2x6) stock tabletop boards and seat boards 32 meters (110 ft)
100x50 (2x4) stock frame and legs 24 meters (80 ft)
10mm x 110mm (3/8"x 4 1/2") galvanized carriage bolts bolting legs to frame 16
4" galvanized flathead nails   2kg (4.5lb)
300mm x 25mm (12" long x 1" wide ) galvanized strap Top and underside of frame centers 12

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  • Page 2: Plans and instructions continued, materials list.

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    User comments

    Hi, My father asked for an octagonal picnic table for Christmas and when we saw how expensive they were, we decided to make one ourselves. We followed your DIY picnic table instructions and are so happy with the way it turned out!! IT cost around 200 US dollars, and it took us two days to make. Genius! Thanks so much.
    Jennifer   see photo >>

    Thank You for the wonderful Table Plans. My father and I put together this table in one weekend. We used all redwood, and it came out great. You may use any of these photos you want if needed.   more and photos >>
    Carol and Shannon

    The octagonal picnic table plans were great and very easy to follow! As you can see on the picture, I made several changes. Borrowing a suggestion from another reader, I doubled up the legs. Since I used 5/4" deck boards for both the table top and the seats,   more and photo >>

    I was looking for a clever design for a picnic table, and found this one. Great design, and even more helpful were the user submissions and photos, so I'm sharing what I did. I used rough cut white cedar, which made it pricier, but it turned out beautifully. I also made a few modifications. The original design with the attached benches was going to be much too big for what we needed, so I made 4 basic separate benches (two pictured....   more with photos >>

    from Wjd   Last weekend I Googled for picnic table plans and found your site. I chose to try building the octagonal table pictured below. It was a little more work than the standard table, but very easy to do with the plans you provided. I think it turned out pretty well and my wife loves it!
    Thank you for a great site! see picture >>>

    Sean Ragan   Austin, TX   Friends- My Dad and I just finished building an octagonal picnic table after your excellent plans. A picture is attached. As you can see, we modified the plan slightly by doubling up on the legs at each vertex. The finished table goes excellently well with our new gazebo, which itself is on an octagonal floorplan.
    Thanks for providing this awesome free resource! Cheers- see picture >>>

    from Callum   Hello BuildEazy, Another summer project successfully completed thanks to your great plans! Our table is large, solid, and reasonably quick to make. And SO much cheaper than buying one! As a suggestion   more with picture >>>

    from BluLightfoot   Hi, I had wrote questioning about placing a 1 1/4 hole in the center of a octagon table without causing a weak structure where the metal straps cross.
    I figured it out and would like to pass along the information    more with picture >>>

    from Scott Acton Boulder, Colorado   Dear Sirs, I wanted to let you know that I built your 8-sided picnic table, from the free plans that you posted on your web site. It worked great! I made it a little smaller, and cut the boards to fit as I went    more with picture >>>

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