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Free Playhouse Plans


Introduction and Contents   Page 1 of 21  

You will not get a more sturdy playhouse.
The 1800 x 1800 (6'x6') playhouse is structured like a real house and will last for years.
Four opening windows ensures ample light and air-flow.
This comprehensive free plan-set includes plans, materials list, pictures and instructions.

Full page contents are at the bottom of the page.

This playhouse plan-set contains 21 pages. The full page contents are listed at the bottom of every page for easy navigation. Helpful information on Page three includes lumber and materials information, safe working practices and links to helpful resources. The disclaimer is at the bottom of this page.

Floor - 1800mm x 1800mm (6ft x 6ft); Height inside - 1850mm (74"); Height overall - 2100mm (7ft);

This is a very sturdy playhouse, constructed more along the lines of a real house so it will last for years. The roof design allows for storage space in the eaves, perfect for storing books, toys etc. and to help keep the floor area uncluttered.

All the framing lumber, walls and roof are made using 100x50 (2x4) stock. 100x50 (2x4) is a very common size lumber and is readily available at most lumber yards. In some cases it can be less expensive than a smaller stock size, however you can use a smaller size framing lumber such as 75x50 (2x3), as long as you make the necessary adjustments to achieve the same overall dimensions.

The exterior covering (both walls and roof) is covered with a cement fibreboard, a horizontal lap siding (clapboard, weather board) that is increasingly out-performing its lumber counterpart. The roof and walls are of the same material purely as a convenience.

Cement fibreboard siding is now very obtainable and its popularity is growing fast. It is user-friendly, very strong, resistant to fires, insects and rot, and looks good. More about where to obtain it can be found in the 'Lumber and materials information' page.

NOTE: This complete plan-set can also be purchased in downloadable PDF format free of advertising and print friendly for only $5. To purchase click here

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bullet Page 1:  Introduction and Contents
bullet Page 2:  Identifying the Members - Terminology
bullet Page 3:  Helpful Information
bullet Page 4:  Shopping List and Cutting List
bullet Page 5:  Plans - Footprint and Front Elevation
bullet Page 6:  Plans - Rear Elevation and Side Elevation
bullet Page 7:  Plans - The Roof, Cuts and Angles
bullet Page 8:  Floor - Option 1, Lumber
bullet Page 9:  Floor - Option 2, Concrete
bullet Page 10: Instructions - Wall Frames
bullet Page 11: Instructions - Roof Frame
bullet Page 12: Instructions - Roof Cover
bullet Page 13: Instructions - Wall Cover
bullet Page 14: Making the Door
bullet Page 15: Making the Door Frame
bullet Page 16: Installing the Door
bullet Page 17: Making the Window Frame
bullet Page 18: Making the Window Sash
bullet Page 19: Installing the Window
bullet Page 20: Instructions - Gable and Soffit
bullet Page 21: Instructions - Inside Finishing

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