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How to make a garden
Swing seat support frame
swing bench support frame
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Making a Swing Seat Support Frame. page:   1   2   3   4   5
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans and Individual pieces
bullet Page two: Materials list - Fastening detail
bullet Page three: Instructions
bullet Page four: Instructions continued
bullet Page five: Instructions continued
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Materials list and fastening detail
You will need....
All the lumber listed below is 100x100 (4x4) stock and should be suitable for exterior use.
bullet 4 pieces at 2400 (8ft) long. Cut the legs from this.
bullet 1 piece at 2700 (9ft) long. For the beam.
bullet 1 piece at 3000 (10ft) long. Cut the braces from this.

You will also need....
bullet Galvanized nail-on plate. 2 at 100x100 (4x4); 10 at 125x50 (2x5); 2 at 150x50 (2x6).
All of the above can be cut out of bigger size plates if necessary.
bullet Four 12mm (1/2") galvanized bolts 220mm (8 3/4") long.
bullet Two 10mm (3/8") galvanized bolts 150mm (6") long. To hang the swing seat chain off.
bullet 140 50mm (2") flathead galvanized nails.
bullet A handful of 100mm (4") galvanized nails.

Fastening detail
Use galvanized nail-on plate or similar, to securely fasten all the frame members to each other.

The sizes listed above can be cut out of larger pieces with a pair of tin snips or other type of plate cutters. See fig.1 and fig.2.

Fix the plates as shown in fig.3 with five 50mm (2") flathead galvanized nails into each member. That is, ten nails for each nail-on plate.

Making two galvanized U-shaped nail-on plates
The top of each "A" frame requires a U-shaped nail-on plate as shown in fig.6.

Each U-shaped plate can be made by clamping a 150x50 (2x6) nail-on plate between two 100x100 (4x4) pieces of lumber (fig.4) and then by hammering down the parts that jut out, as shown in fig.5.

Each U-shaped plate can then be fixed to the top of the two "A" frames (as shown in fig.6) with 50mm (2") flathead galvanized nails.

Other Fastening
Use 12mm (1/2") galvanized bolts 220mm (8 3/4") long to fasten the horizontal braces to the legs.

Use 100mm (4") galvanized nails to secure members together where needed.

Use two 10mm (3/8") galvanized bolts 150mm (6") long to hang the swing seat chain off.

  galvanized nail on plate
cutting galvanized nail on plate with tin snips
fixing galvanized nail plate
clamping galvanized nail plate between two pieces of wood
bending galvanized nail-on plate
fixing galvanized nail-on plate

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