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Swing seat support frame
swing bench support frame
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Making a Swing Seat Support Frame. page:   1   2   3   4   5
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans and Individual pieces
bullet Page two: Materials list - Fastening detail
bullet Page three: Instructions
bullet Page four: Instructions continued
bullet Page five: Instructions continued
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lay out the swing seat legs on stools Step 2. Lay the legs on stools
Lay a pair of legs out in "A" frame position on three stools or supports. See fig.10.

Position the horizontal brace on top of the two legs.

The bottom of the horizontal brace should be 600mm (2ft) down from the top of the "A" frame.

Refer to the plans on page one for more positioning dimensions.

fix the a frame together Step 3. Fix the "A" frame
When the "A" frame members (two legs and one horizontal brace) are correctly positioned, they can then be secured together.

Use a 100x100 (4x4) nail-on plate where the two legs join and fix a U-shaped nail-on plate to the top of the "A" frame. See fig.11. Also see making a U-shaped nail-on plate

Use galvanized bolts to fix the horizontal brace to the legs, one at each meeting.

Hold the horizontal brace to the legs with a couple of clamps prior to drilling the bolt holes.

fix the brace to the a frame Step 4. Add a brace
Fasten a diagonal brace to the horizontal brace of the "A" frame as shown in fig.12.

Secure with a couple of 100mm (4") galvanized nails and a nail-on plate.

Next make up the second "A" frame BUT WITHOUT ADDING THE DIAGONAL BRACE, as that brace will be added when the (almost) complete frame is standing upright.

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