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Swing seat support frame
swing bench support frame
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Making a Swing Seat Support Frame. page:   1   2   3   4   5
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans and Individual pieces
bullet Page two: Materials list - Fastening detail
bullet Page three: Instructions
bullet Page four: Instructions continued
bullet Page five: Instructions continued
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fasted the swin seat beam to one of the side frames Fix the beam to an "A" frame
Tilt an "A" frame against the beam in a sort of a 3-sided pyramid shape so that the beam, "A" frame top and diagonal brace all align.

Ensure that the top end of the beam is overhanging the "A" frame by 100mm (4") and that the beam is at right angles (90°) to the "A" frame. Refer to the plan if necessary.

Then, fix the beam to the "A" frame with galvanized nail-on plates. See fastening details and fig.13.

stand the swing seat frame upright and position the other A frame Stand the frame upright
Stand the frame upright and balance the beam on the top of the other "A" frame with the beam overhanging 100mm (4"). See fig.14.

Ensure that the beam is at right angles (90°) to the "A" frame and then secure by nailing through the U-shaped nail-on bracket into the beam.

fix the nail plates to the swing seat frame Add a brace and make secure
Add the diagonal brace and fix in place with 100mm (4") galvanized nails and nail-on plates. See fig.15.

For further reference on fixing and nail-on plates go to fastening details

fix the swing seat to the frame Attach the seat chain
Now it's just simply a matter of hanging the swing seat.

Insert two 150mm (6") bolts through the beam above the swing seat, one at each end.

The bolts will protrude above the top of the beam by about 50mm (2").
A chain link can then be fitted over each bolt shank on top of the beam and held in place with washers and nuts. See fig.16.

For plans and instructions on how to make a swing seat click here

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