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How to make a Pergola
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how to build a pergola
This pergola is called the 'box' pergola because it is built with rows of solid blockings/nogs between the rafters forming rows of square or oblong boxes. This type of pergola is becoming increasingly popular and is relatively easy to build.

About the lumber.
All the lumber used in this project is treated dressed/surfaced pine. The posts are treated for in ground applications. and the rest of the structure is treated for outside use. All the lumber that is used in this project is readily available at most lumber merchants.

The lumber sizes referred to in this project are the nominal sizes. The nominal size of a piece of lumber is the size of the lumber before it is dressed or seasoned and is the size generally referred to when purchasing from the lumber yard. The actual size, or dressed size of the lumber will be less than the nominal size so please make necessary allowances. For example, a piece of 100x50 (2x4) lumber when dressed may be 90x45 (1 1/2"x 3 1/2") actual size.
The Plans.
The plan view (birds eye view looking down), the front view plan and the side view plan. more >>>
pergola plans small
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The Posts, beams and rafters.
The bottoms of the posts are bolted to the deck joists or the deck boundary joist and also concreted into the ground. The ledger plate (also called stringer) is bolted to the house wall above the door, The top of the posts are checked out to accommodate the beam and the rafters are nailed in place between the ledger and the beam. more >>>

pergola rafters small
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The Nogs and Decorative Rafter Ends.
The rows of solid blocking/nogs are placed and nailed between the rafters and the decorative ends are fixed in place. more >>>
pergola blocking small
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Securing the top together.
The pergola roof structure is locked together by fixing nail plates on the top edges of the rafters, blockings/nogs and decorative ends. more >>>
pergola top small
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The Finish.
All done. Eazy with a Z    pictures >>>
pergola box type
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Materials, quantities.

150x50 (2x6) treated lumber   rafters, blockings/nogs and decorative ends 30 metres (100 ft)
200x50 (2x8) treated lumber   beam 3.6 metres (12 ft)
100x100 (4x4) treated lumber 7.2 metres (24 ft)
1kg (2.5 lb) gal 90mm (3 1/2") nails; 20 galvanized nail plates; 8 12mmx120mm (1/2"x 5") galvanized coach/carriage bolts, 2 bags concrete mix  

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