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Picnic table for the kids

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Simply Measure, Cut, Drill & Assemble!

a kids picnic table

This picnic table is an ideal project for the less than experienced woodworker to test his (or her!) skills.
The picnic table is an ideal size to seat children from the ages of about 1 year through to 7 years old.

This basic project involves simply cutting the pieces to length, marking where the holes are to be drilled, drilling the holes and putting the pieces together. This table can be built without the use of any power tools.

tools you will need

saw stool    carpenters square    hand drill    spanner    measuring tape    5mm drill piece    screw driver    carpenters pencil    6mm drill bit    hand saw    carpenters hammer

• Work stool or saw horse,   • Set square,   • Hand drill,   • Adjustable spanner,   • Measuring tape,   • 5mm drill bit,   • Screwdriver,   • pencil,   • 6mm drill bit,   • Sharp handsaw,   • Hammer

Note: You can purchase this plan in downloadable PDF file, print friendly and in clean copy (free of ads) for only $5.00.   Click here to purchase.
also included in the downloadable file are plans for a full size version . Two picnic table projects in the the one 16 page document.
The plans can be purchased online and immediately downloaded to your computer.

The wood, sizes, & measurements

Dimensions given in this project are in both metric (mm) and standard (inches).
For the most part The metric measurements are given first followed by the standard measurements in brackets ( ). For example: 150mm x 25mm (1x6).
Some segments have been written twice - the first incorporating metric measurements followed by the second with standard measurement.

The wood used in this project is 150mm x 25mm (1x6) stock for the seats and tabletop, and 75mm x 25mm (1x3) for the legs, seat supports, table supports, and brace. The latter can be ripped out of the former (cut lengthwise, in half) if need be.

150x25 (1x6) wood usually machines (dresses, planes or gauges) down to approx 140x19 (3/4" x 5-1/2") .
75x25 (1x3) wood usually machines (dresses, planes or gauges) down to approx 65x19 (3/4" x 2-1/2").

If the table is intended to be left outside, choose a wood that has a natural resistance to decay (i.e. doesn't rot easily). Your local timber supplier can advise you on the best available options.

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