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Wendy house
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How to build a Wendy House     (ft & inch version)

Note: this is the standard (ft and inch) version.   For the metric version click here

Step three: the wall frames
Lay out the bottom plates [d] flat on the floor to form a rectangle 48" x 92". Lay the top plates [e] on top of the bottom plates and mark the stud positions on the edge of both plates (see the plate and stud layout diagram below).

wendy house stud outlay plans

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Separate the plates [d] & [e] and lay the studs [f] in place. Cut and fix blocking [g] between studs [f] as shown in 'the plans' diagram.
Nail the wall frame together.
There will be four wall frames in all, the two end frames and the front and back frame.

Stand the frames up in place and nail together. Ensure the bottom plates are straight and fix to the floor.

Check all corners are vertical (plumb) and fix temporary diagonal braces to the insides of the wall frames.