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Wendy house
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How to build a Wendy House     (ft & inch version)

Note: this is the standard (ft and inch) version.   For the metric version click here

The cladding (siding) and fascia

Step five: Blocking and purlins
From 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" lumber, measure, cut and fix two rows of blocking [p] between the lean-to rafters [l], one row across the top and one row across the middle as shown in diagram below.

Also using 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" lumber, fix two rows of purlins [q] on top of the front common rafters [k]. Position as shown in diagram below, with one row at the apex and one row just above the lean-to rafters [l].
wendy house roof blocking detail

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LEGEND:   (see the cutting list for timber sizes).

a: joists
b: joists
c: decking
d: bottom plates
e: top plates
f: studs
g: blocking
h: blocking
i: beam support
j: ridge beam
k: rafters
l: lower rafters
m: rafter support
n: lean-to beam
o: posts
p: blocking
q: purlins
s: ridge capping
S1: rear & side wall cladding
R1: lean-to roof cladding
S2: front wall cladding
R2: back roof cladding
R3: front roof cladding
S3: gable wall cladding