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How to build a Bench Swing

Step 7. Thread the chain

porch swing threading the chain

Thread the chain through the holes in the arm rests down through the cavities at the bottom of the end frames and back up.
The holes and cavities should be big enough so that the chain can be pulled through freely.
When the seat is held off the ground by the chains (more about that next page), the seat angle can be easily adjusted and locked in place by inserting a "chain stop" through one of the chain link holes just above the front arm rest (g) hole. A "chain stop" can be a small bolt, piece of rod or anything that can fit through a chain link hole and stop the chain from slipping around the end frames.
When you want to re-adjust the seat angle, simply take out the "chain stop", adjust the angle and lock in place again by putting the "chain stop" back.

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Step 8. Supporting the swing

Hang the swing so the seat is approx 400 (16") off the ground. The builder is responsible for ensuring that swing is supported adequately to take the weight of the swing as well as the people that might occupy it.
Have fun!

porch bench swing

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