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How to make a concrete bench

Part 2. Prepare the reinforcing mesh

reinforcing for the concrete bench

The reinforcing used in this project is *welded wire mesh. It is a grid of 5/32" (4mm) thick wire with spacings at 6" (150mm).
This reinforcing mesh and method is not the only way. Other material and methods can be applied. See the note at the bottom of this page.

Step 2.1   Cutting the mesh

Cut the mesh to the sizes given in fig.1. Cut one A piece and two B pieces.
The B pieces will have to be trimmed, bent, and shaped to suit.

Step 2.2   Shaping the mesh

Trim the two B pieces as shown in fig.1.
Bend the two B pieces 90° (right angles) along the bend line as shown in fig.1.
Pull in the sides where shown in fig.1 until they are approximately 4" (100mm) apart.
Place the B pieces in a leg-form cavity to check that they fit. If not, make any necessary adjustments.

Step 2.3   Tying the mesh

Lay the A piece on a flat surface.
Tuck the shorter area of the B pieces underneath the A piece wire.
Position the B pieces so that the uprights (longer areas) are 19½" (488mm) apart (from center to center).
Then tie the B pieces to the A piece with tie wire (a thinner wire that bends easy).

*Note:   Home-mixed concrete is not always as strong as it could be, so reinforcing steel or mesh is necessary. The mesh and method used in this project is but one way of adding adequate reinforcing. You can even make up your own grid using the same size or a thicker rod, and join the intersections with tie wire. The most important point is that the reinforcing covers the area of the bench and is also tied to other reinforcing that bends into the leg area.

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