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How to make a concrete bench

Step 4.4   Top up the bench form

topping up the concrete in concrete bench mold

Top up the bench form with more concrete.
In fact, over-fill it, and then....

Rapity tapity tap
Vibration time. Bang around the sides of the form with a hammer.
Lift one end of the form up slightly and drop it. Do this multiple times in quick succession.
The more vibrating the better.
It settles the finer wetter mix around the coarser mix, gets rid of the air pocket holes, and makes the finished product a lot smoother.

Screed off the excess concrete.
Use a straight piece of wood to "screed" or level out the concrete.
Work the screed board back and forth with a sawing motion along the tops of the form until the concrete is level all over.

Step 4.5   Attach the leg forms to the bench form

Partially assemble each leg form, with one side panel (b) only, and place them in position on the bench form around the reinforcing wire.

Slipping the angle brackets over the bolts in the bench form will automatically place the leg forms in the right position.

Then add the second panel (b) to each leg form and fasten them in place with the wing-nuts.
Likewise, tighten the angle brackets to the bench form with wing-nuts.

the leg forms attached to the bench forms ready for concrete casting

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