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How to make a concrete bench

Step 4.6   Top up the leg forms

the concrete bench form is full of concrete

Start shoveling concrete into the leg forms.

But as you go....

More rapity tapity tap
As you go, tamp, poke, prod, with a broad stick - say a piece of plastic, steel, or wood about ⅛" (3mm) thick x 1½" (38mm) wide.
Do a lot of rapity tapity tap around the sides of the leg forms.
It would spoil an otherwise good job if the end product was full of air-pocket holes and gaps for the lack of a bit of rapity tapity tap

Once filled and settled, remove the excess concrete.

Have a bit of a clean-up

The next morning you can clean up a bit more.
All the splashed and spilled concrete should scrape off from the form easily enough if the form work was adequately coated with the release agent.

That's pretty much it for a while.

Let it sit there for three or four days.

Let the concrete set (cure) slowly
The longer concrete takes to set (cure), the stronger it will be.
Keep the concrete shaded during the curing period.
Keep the concrete moist for at least a day or so by hosing with a fine mist every now and then. This is more crucial in warmer conditions.
The release agent, apart from just being a release agent, also serves another purpose. It prevents the moisture in the concrete from soaking into the form, thus helping to prevent the concrete from drying out too fast.

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