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How to make a concrete bench

Step 4.7   Release the leg forms

releasing the concrete leg form work

Undo all the wing-nuts off the bolts on the sides of the leg forms.

Take out all the bolts.
The bolts should slip out easily, simply because the diameter of the bolt holes are bigger than the diameter of the bolts. The holes are ½" (12mm), the bolts are ⅜" (10mm). You did make the holes bigger, didn't you?

The sides of the leg forms should come away quite easily.
This is when you get the first look at your handiwork, and you will find out if you did enough rapity tapity tap.

Remove only the first angle bracket. Do one at a time, so as not to get them mixed up (for possible future castings).

Once you have taken off the first angle bracket, you can then remove the respective piece (e), by nudging or tapping it out from the top.

When that piece (e) is off, immediately screw the angle bracket back to it.
By doing one at a time, i.e. taking off one angle bracket, removing the respective piece (e), and screwing back the angle bracket to the same piece it came off, then you are not going to get all the bits and pieces mixed up should you decide to make another bench.
Now remove the other three angle brackets and (e) pieces in the same manner, one set at a time.

screwing the angle bracket on to the form piece

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