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How to build a Deck with Handrail and Steps
Page 1: Contents
Page 2: The plans
Page 3: Constructing the deck
Page 4: Constructing the handrail
Page 5: Constructing the steps
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The deck construction. Click on any red text for an explanation
The deck was built to the dimensions and specifications of the plans. The deck was profiled out and the holes were marked, dug, and then inspected by the building inspector.
The treated posts, 125x125 (5x5) and slightly over height, were concreted in place with 100mm (4") of concrete beneath each post. The concrete was left to cure.

The heights of the ledger plate and posts were determined by using a water level. The 150x50 (2x6) ledger plate was bolted to the house using 12mm (1/2") galvanized coach screws every 1200mm (48"). The posts were trimmed off at the appropriate height. The treated bearers 150x100 (4x6) were fixed on top of the posts.

deck structure

The joists were fixed in place, square off the building and spaced at 450crs (18" O.C.). The joists were fixed to the ledger plate with joist hangers and fixed on the bearers with galvanized nails and Z nails.
The joists were over length, so they could be trimmed off later.
The hardwood decking was fixed in place. For instructions on how to lay decking straight, click here.

under structure of a deck

Once the decking boards were fixed in place, the ends were trimmed and two hardwood decking boards were fixed around the perimeter for a decorative (rather than structural) finish. (see below)

finished deck

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