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How to build a Deck with Handrail and Steps
Page 1: Contents
Page 2: The plans
Page 3: Constructing the deck
Page 4: Constructing the handrail
Page 5: Constructing the steps
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The steps on this deck are not standard steps, but more a feature. Steps are also governed by a certain criteria, such as treads must be a minimum of 280mm (11 1/2"), rises must be a maximum of 185mm (7 3/8") high and toe recess should be between 15mm (5/8") and 25mm (1").
For construction details on making standard exterior steps click here
Enquire at your local authority to see what criteria is required.

making the steps

The steps were made up separately on an even surface (the deck). Step frames were constructed from 75x50 (2x3) treated lumber. The frame width was to accommodate three hardwood decking boards with a 5mm (3/16") gap between them. The length of the first step frame was 1200mm (48") along both runs, and every other step frame was progressively 300mm (12") longer along each run.

the step runners

Four 100x100 (4x4) runners were put in place to bear the steps.
The top of the runners were bolted to the joists on one side of the deck, and solid nogs/blocks on the other. After ensuring the runners were the desired pitch (in this case 31 degrees), concrete was placed around the bottom.

100x100 (4x4) treated blocking pieces were fixed on the runners to take the front edge of the step frames (see above illustration).

fitting the steps

The pre-made steps were then lifted and fixed in place on the runners and blocking pieces. An additional runner with blocking pieces was then placed under the center join of the steps.

the steps

The handrail was fixed to the side of the steps, a bit of a clean up, and all finished.

the finished deck steps

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