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elf cave
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How to make an elf cave

    By Les Kenny

start of the wire netting around the elf cave frame 6. Begin the netting

Start from one upright flexible pipe frame and wrap the netting around the lower structure horizontally twice. (Run the bottom of the netting along the ground).
Cut off with wire snipe of garden scissors or similar. At this stage, just hold the netting in place with enough wire ties as necessary.

tieing the netting to the frame 7. Tie the wire

Hold the netting in place with tie wire.
Poke thin pieces of tie wire through the holes in the netting, around the pipe and back out through the wire netting and twist to hold with a pair of pliers.
Cut off any excess tie wire.

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continue the wire netting around the elf cave frame 8. Net the top half

Cut lengths of netting about 1m (40") long and lay and tie them to the top half of the structure.
Because the structure is dome-shaped, the netting will have to be folded and bent in places to achieve the desired surface shape.

completed wire netting around the elf cave frame 9. Complete the netting

Continue laying and fixing the netting until there are at least three layers neatly enveloping the complete structure.
The netting should be tied together with tie wire about every 250 mm (10") both vertically and horizontally.