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How to build a 1800mm (6ft) board and lattice fence

Page two: The rails, the boards and the lattice   Page 2 of 2  

lattice fence Fixing the rails:

Fix a string line to both of the end posts 1800mm (6ft) above ground, and mark all the intermediate posts at string line height.

Trim the top of the posts on the height marks.

Nail the top rail flat on top of the posts (fig 1). One rail should span two sections (3 posts).

Cut, fit and nail middle and bottom rails in between posts, heights as shown in (fig 1).

Fixing the fence boards:

Fix the first board at the start of the fence line with the top of the board flush with the top of the middle rail (The bottom of the board should be 50mm (2") from ground). Use a plumb level to ensure the board is plumb (vertical) and nail in place using 60mm (2 1/4") galvanized flathead nails, 2 at each rail.

Continue by placing another board against the first and make the top of the board flush with the top of the middle rail.

Nail in place and repeat that action until all boards are in place.

Check, as you are going, about every 10th board with a plumb level for plumb (vertical), and make any necessary adjustments.

inserting the fence lattice Fitting the Lattice:

Note: Most lattice manufacturers make lattice sizes to order. Bigger sheets can also be purchased at most building supply stores, this is usually the less expensive option and the lattice can be cut to suit on the job.

Measure between the top and middle rail and between the two posts in each section and deduct 5mm (1/4") from the measurement to allow for play. For example, if the exact measured size of a particular section is 2200mm (88") wide x 250mm (10") high, then the lattice size for that section would need to be 2195mm (87 3/4") wide x 245mm (9 3/4") high.

Measure the same way for every section and order or cut the lattice of your selected profile.

Insert the lattice as shown in fig 2 and follow steps below.

(1) Firstly, fix 25mm x 25mm (1"x1") square stops around the inside of the frame to one side only.

(2) Insert the lattice.

(3) Fix the stops against the lattice on the other side (see fig 2).

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