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Free Plans, octagonal eight sided gazebo project
How to build a Gazebo
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2400mm diameter
Octagonal Gazebo Plans
This is the metric version
Click here for the ft and inch version
bullet Page 1: Introduction     User Comments and/or Photos
bullet Page 2: Footing and post layout
bullet Page 3: Mixing concrete and standing posts
bullet Page 4: The next day / Head beams
bullet Page 5: Beam and post braces and making the hub
bullet Page 6: THE ROOF rafters and hub
bullet Page 7: THE ROOF laying the roofing boards
bullet Page 8: The handrail
bullet Page 9: Materials and tool requirement list

This 2400mm diameter octagonal Gazebo is one of the more simple and cost effective octagonal gazebos to build.

The entire gazebo is constructed out of rough sawn (ungauged) timber, which in most parts is readily available and cheaper than gauged or dressed timber. Rough sawn timber also looks attractively rustic.

The floor: There is no allowance for a structural floor in this plan-set as the gazebo is designed to use the existing (grassed) ground as a 'floor'. If a structural floor of some description is preferred, then concrete, tiles, slate or lumber can easily be added later.

Note: These plans are not intended for the purpose of building permit or consent. If you have any doubts whether a building permit or consent is required for the structure of this gazebo, please inquire at your local authority.

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User Comments and/or Photos

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User comments and/or photos

I used your simple but excellent Gazebo plans in metric (also in imperial) this Spring 2010 and was able to complete the project with not too much hassle, the greatest weapon by far was the electric planer and I have bought another one as a result to finish a door project...   Brian Eager   click here for more and photo >>

Hi, Thanks for the plans! Here is a photo of the Gazebo. My son, father-in-law, and I built this Gazebo for his Eagle Scout Service Project! We really enjoyed it and the plans were easy to follow. The roof was the most challenging part! -Brian McKenna   see photo

Hi. Just a photo of the garden gazebo that I made from your plans , really easy to make.
Simon Rowley    Click here to see photo.

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