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Free Plans, octagonal eight sided gazebo project
How to build a Gazebo
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2400mm diameter
Octagonal Gazebo Plans
This is the metric version
Click here for the ft and inch version
bullet Page 1: Introduction     User Comments and/or Photos
bullet Page 2: Footing and post layout
bullet Page 3: Mixing concrete and standing posts
bullet Page 4: The next day / Head beams
bullet Page 5: Beam and post braces and making the hub
bullet Page 6: THE ROOF rafters and hub
bullet Page 7: THE ROOF laying the roofing boards
bullet Page 8: The handrail
bullet Page 9: Materials and tool requirement list

Page 5.

Beam / Post Braces, & Making the Hub

Beam/post braces

gazebo beam The beam/post braces are fixed to the top of the posts and to the underside of the head beam.
Two per post, so a total of sixteen is required.
The beam/post braces are decorative rather than structural, as the posts concreted into the ground are support enough for any sideways movement. If you prefer, you can replace these beam and post braces with something more decorative.
However, for these beam/post braces you will need 16 lengths of 100x100 sawn treated timber at approximately 400mm long.
At the end of one of the pieces of timber cut a 45 degree angle (fig 5). Measure back 350mm from the long point of the cut and pencil mark another 45 degree angle inward. Set your circular saw blade at 22.5 deg. and cut along that pencil mark. Repeat this on all 16 pieces of timber. Fix all 16 pieces in place (fig 5.) with 90mm galvanized jolt head nails.
It is sometimes wise to drill the nail holes first with a slightly smaller drill bit to minimize the chance of the timber splitting.

gazebo hub Making the hub

The hub is the piece of timber that goes to the very top of the gazebo roof (apex).
The eight roof rafters are fixed to the hub.

Get a length of 100x100 sawn treated pine timber 600mm long.
Scribe a pencil line down the length of the timber 30mm in from the edge fig 6. Do the same along all four edges.
Set the angle on the circular saw to 45 degrees and rip-cut down the four pencil scribe lines.

You now have made the hub.

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