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Free Plans, octagonal eight sided gazebo project
How to build a Gazebo
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8ft diameter
Octagonal Gazebo Plans
This is the ft and inch version
Click here for the metric version
bullet Page 1: Introduction     User Comments and/or Photos
bullet Page 2: Footing and post layout
bullet Page 3: Mixing concrete and standing posts
bullet Page 4: The next day / Head beams
bullet Page 5: Beam and post braces and making the hub
bullet Page 6: THE ROOF rafters and hub
bullet Page 7: THE ROOF laying the roofing boards
bullet Page 8: The handrail
bullet Page 9: Materials and tool requirement list

Material & Tool list
Materials needed to construct a rustic 8ft diameter octagonal gazebo

Description Material / size Length    Quantity
  cement   1 bag
  gravel and sand mix   1/3 cubic yard
Template 1x4 sawn 85" 4 of
Fillets 1x2 sawn 44" 8 of
Posts 4x4 sawn treated lumber 10ft 8 of
Hub 4x4 sawn treated lumber 24" 1 of
Head beam 4x4 sawn treated lumber 40" 8 of
Rafters 2x4 sawn treated lumber 74" 8 of
Beam and post brace 4x4 sawn treated lumber 20" 16 of
Rails 2x4 sawn treated lumber 36" 14 of
vertical boards 1x6 sawn treated lumber random 130ft
Roofing 1x6 sawn treated lumber random 220ft
Metal straps 12" strap plate   8 of
Angle clips 2"   16 of
Screws 2" exterior   1 lb
Nails 4" galvanized   10 lb
  2" galvanized flat head   5 lb

Tool list
Tools needed to construct a rustic 8ft diameter octagonal gazebo

bulletset square
bulletchisel (3/4")
bulletclamps (8 of)
bulletmeasuring tape
bulletcircular saw
bulletspade or shovel
bulletelectric drill
bulletscaffold plank (9ft long)
bulletsaw stool

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