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Free Plans, octagonal eight sided gazebo project
How to build a Gazebo
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8ft diameter
Octagonal Gazebo Plans
This is the ft and inch version
Click here for the metric version
bullet Page 1: Introduction     User Comments and/or Photos
bullet Page 2: Footing and post layout
bullet Page 3: Mixing concrete and standing posts
bullet Page 4: The next day / Head beams
bullet Page 5: Beam and post braces and making the hub
bullet Page 6: THE ROOF rafters and hub
bullet Page 7: THE ROOF laying the roofing boards
bullet Page 8: The handrail
bullet Page 9: Materials and tool requirement list

Page 8.

The Handrail

Handrail, top and bottom rails
You will need 14 pieces of 2x4 treated lumber approx 36". These are the top and bottom rails.
Cut one end off at an angle of 22.5 degrees and then measure back 32" and do the same the other end. (See fig 10.)
On one side only, pencil two lines 1" apart along the length in the center of the rails as per fig 10.
Set the blade on your circular saw to a depth of 3/4" and do repeated cuts along and between the two pencil lines.
Clean out with a chisel.
This will give you a rebated groove 1" wide x 3/4" deep along the center on one side of each rail.

gazebo handrail Handrail boards

You will need 40 lengths of 1x6 lumber boards (the same as used for the roof) Any pattern of your choice can be implemented.
The pattern in (fig 11) is just one idea.
Make the pattern on one piece of board and use that as a template to do the rest.

Fitting the handrail

Fit the boards into the rebated grooves in the top and bottom rails.
This is best done by laying the top and bottom rails on the ground and then inserting the boards into the grooves.
The number of boards will not work out exactly, so one of the boards will need to be marked and ripped (cut) down.
When one section is finished, tie a rope around each end so the boards will not fall out while that section is being installed.
Nail each section in, 4" off the ground and fix the rails to the posts with 4" galvanized nails.
Do this to all seven sections.
One section (section eight) is not made, as this is the point of entry into the gazebo.

Have fun!

Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson

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