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How to build a wooden gate

wooden gate styles
Wooden gate tutorial

5:  Fixing the gate stop. adding stop to a gate

The gate stop is a vertical strip of wood fixed to the post, that will block the gate from going further than intended and help avoid any damage to the gate latch and hinges should the gate be excessively blown or slammed shut for any reason.

The gate stop can be a ripping of 25mm (1") thick board or similar, and is fixed to the post in such a position that will keep the gate flush with the post when it is in a closed position.

Make the gate stop the same length as the gate and the position will be determined by the thickness of the gate and also by which side of the gate that the hinges are on. (Refer to the diagram.)

More onsite resources
There is an article here that takes you step-by-step through the actual process of making a similar type of gate. It shows another framing option, a slightly different way of making the gate, and also explains hole digging and post setting.

All done. Eazy with a "Z"!

Author: Les Kenny         Editor: Maree Anderson

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