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How to build a greenhouse

Greenhouses made off a Buildeazy plan
Greenhouses built using these plans and instructions

The above picture shows some of the greenhouses that have been built using these plans and instructions.
There are more pictures at the end of this article thanks to the users that have been kind enough to send in a photo or two of their handiwork.

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8 x 10 greenhouse

This greenhouse is 8ft (2400 mm) wide by 10ft (3000 mm) and stands 8' 6" (2550 mm) off the ground at the highest point.

This is a revised and updated version of the 'How to build a Greenhouse' project. The old version can be seen at

Navigation: There are 13 pages of plans, drawings, pictures, and instructions on how to build this greenhouse. You can jump to any page via the 'Table of Contents' menu on the right-hand side, or below if you are viewing this through a mobile device.

In this version, the greenhouse frame is constructed mainly out of 2" x 4" (100 mm x 50 mm) which is a more common stock (in North America, anyway) than the 2" x 3" (75 mm x 50 mm) called for in the original version. We will talk more about wood stock sizes a bit further down the page.

Other modifications include a wider door to allow for a wheelbarrow if need be, and a bit more inside height. See, we do listen to feedback.

On page 12 You can view some greenhouse photos sent into us by people who have used these plans.
Photos of other peoples handiwork are always a good source of help and inspiration.


This greenhouse consists of a wooden frame suitable for a cover such as a clear UV-resistant polythene film.
It is 8ft (2400 mm) wide by 10ft (3000 mm) and stands 8' 6" (2550 mm) off the ground at the highest point.

There are two opening windows that span along the very top of the greenhouse and a door at either end (optional).

The greenhouse basically sits on the ground and is held in place by a few stakes around the bottom that are hammered into the ground and nailed to sides of the base.
It could be fixed more permanently if required without too much ado, and would probably need to be, if positioned anywhere other than a sheltered area.

It is ideal for areas that have just enough winter frosts to be annoying.

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Where to place the greenhouse

Choose a place likely to get the winter sun. The greenhouse should not be placed in a potential boggy area without drainage.

If the site is a low lying area, then it might be necessary to put in a drain (open, tile or metal) to re-direct any water flow away from the greenhouse site.

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