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How to build a greenhouse

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Photos of your handiwork can be sent via the Contact Us page.

greenhouse by Kevin

Here is the finished product!! I can honestly say this is the first wooden structure I've ever built !!!
I would say it turned out pretty good.   see picture >>
Kevin H.

greenhouse by Cortland

Greetings guys,
Here is a photo of my greenhouse project. I considered this mostly an easy build! Although, I'm moderately experienced with construction in general. I built this entirely by myself, with zero (0) assistance from any other person, so ...   more >>
Cortland Carrington   Bloomington Indiana, USA

greenhouse 1

I Would like to give you credit for your greenhouse plans. I built one that is 10' X 16' . I enclosed it with Solex panels. My wife and grandmother just love it.
Again I would like...   more >>
Louis Jones   Townville, SC USA

greenhouse 1 To buildeazy
I enjoyed building the greenhouse. I changed things up a little by making 12' by 8' and adding some gutters to catch the rain.   more >>
Jim - Victoria, B.C.

greenhouse 1 2011 was the year for this project. Thank you for this green house idea. This was really fun to build and we enjoy it very much. We are going to try to grow spinach and lettuce in the rain gutters I've attached to the side walls. ...   more >>
Jim Morris - Fremont, Michigan

greenhouse 1 Summer of 09 we built my greenhouse from the plans on this site. We modified a bit for the height and made it fit the foundation that was in place. It was a lot of work but it came out so good, I have it filled...   more >>

greenhouse 1 Thank you for the wonderful greenhouse plan! Since I live in the northern states, I stepped it up and insulated the base and used twin wall polycarbonate for the windows. This should extend my growing...   more >>
Amber Christenson - Strandburg, SD

greenhouse 1 Many thanks for the greenhouse plans, pictures, and suggestions on your website. I modified the size of the greenhouse to 8' by 8', and installed only one door. We'll see how that works out. If necessary to increase...   more >>
Rod Partee - Rochester, Washington, USA

greenhouse 1 I have just completed a greenhouse from you plan, and I am very happy with the results, I used PVC panels rather than Poly. Photo attached...   more >>
Ken Taylor

greenhouse 1 I saw the picture of the garden bridge, so I thought I would send in two pictures of my greenhouse I built with your plans. I am in America, so I had to convert to English measurements. Thanks for the inspiration. We love it!...   more >>
Mark Hathaway - Austin, TX, USA

greenhouse 1 I just wanted to send along pictures of two recent Buildeazy projects that I completed. My wife and I love to spent time outside in our ever expanding garden so we thought a greenhouse, using your plans...   more >>
Kevin and Valerie - Cowan Upstate South Carolina

greenhouse 1 Hi Just a few photos of the greenhouse I built according to your plans last fall. Only modification was to add 6 inches to the wall height. Did not have treated lumber for 2 by 3's so stained it with a green preservative...   more >>

greenhouse 1 Hi there Here is a couple of pics of realized projects from your great site,(I'm sure it wont be the last)!!! The swing-seat is a great shady place to relax and enjoy a nice and cool Bavarian Beer on a hot summer day. Also a picture of our...   more >>
Alex and Stefan - Walchsing, Bavaria

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Photos of your handiwork can be sent via the Contact Us page.

Photos and constructive comments are a great help to others contemplating the start of a project.

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