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Greenhouse Project

a greenhouse made off a buildeazy plan

How to build a Greenhouse

Page Contents
1: Introduction, Description, Position
2: Sizes, Angles, What you will need
3: Making the base
4: Making the side wall-frames
5: Making the roof sections
6: Erecting the side walls and roof
7: Making the end walls and doors
8: Making the window, The cover
Appendix 60° and 30° Angle patterns
Appendix Photos of finished project  you are on this page
User Photos/Comments

User photos - Other peoples handiwork

Below are some greenhouse photos sent to us from people who have used these plans to build their greenhouse.
To see comments by the people that sent in the pictures below, go to User Photos/Comments

photo of a greenhouse 1 photo of a greenhouse 2

photo of a greenhouse 3 photo of a greenhouse 4

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