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Greenhouse Project

a greenhouse made off a buildeazy plan

How to build a Greenhouse

Page Contents
1: Introduction, Description, Position
2: Sizes, Angles, What you will need  you are on this page
3: Making the base
4: Making the side wall-frames
5: Making the roof sections
6: Erecting the side walls and roof
7: Making the end walls and doors
8: Making the window, The cover
Appendix 60° and 30° Angle patterns
Appendix Photos of finished project
User Photos/Comments

Wood sizes and measurements

8 x 10 greenhouse

This projects is in both imperial (inches) and metric (mm).

All measurements are given in inches first followed by millimeters (mm) in brackets ().

The size of the framing lumber referred to in his project is the actual size, which is the size of the lumber after it has been dressed (smooth, planed, finished).
When the lumber is dressed, the actual size is then less than the nominal size.
For example: 2"x4" (100mm x 50mm) when dressed may be 1 1/2"x 3 1/2" (90mm x 45mm) actual size. The actual sizes can vary slightly from place to place.

Note: The imperial sizes are not an exact match to the equivalent metric sizes. A structure built using the imperial measurements (ft and in) will be approximately 1.6% larger than the same structure built using the metric (mm) measurements. The imperial measurements are more suited to North America. The metric measurements are more suited to Australasia.

About the angle cuts

There are two different angle cuts (off square) required for this project. One is 30 degrees off square, the other is 60 degrees off square.

To cut the 30 degree angle, simply set the blade on your miter saw to the required angle. The 60 degree angle will have to be cut with a circular saw, as miter saws will not do such a cut.

There is a 30 degree and a 60 degree angle pattern in appendix

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To view all available plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

You will need

Around 330ft (100 meters) of 1 1/2"x 3 1/2" (90mm x 45mm) treated, or natural decay-resistant lumber for the frame. Some will need to br ripped down for parts of the windows and doors.

36ft (11 meters) of 4" x 4' (100mm x 100mm) treated for the base. (sawn lumber will do)

10ft (3 meters) 3/4"x 7 1/2" (190mm x 19mm) treated board for the fascia.

I sheet of 4ft x 8ft x 3/8" (1200mm x 2400mm x 10mm) treated plywood for the gussets

350sq ft (30sq m) ultra-violet-resistant polythene for the covering

You will also need miscellaneous such as nails, galvanized plates, strapping, hinges, handles, latches etc.

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