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Greenhouse Project

a greenhouse made off a buildeazy plan

How to build a Greenhouse

Page Contents
1: Introduction, Description, Position
2: Sizes, Angles, What you will need
3: Making the base  you are on this page
4: Making the side wall-frames
5: Making the roof sections
6: Erecting the side walls and roof
7: Making the end walls and doors
8: Making the window, The cover
Appendix 60° and 30° Angle patterns
Appendix Photos of finished project
User Photos/Comments

Step 1. The greenhouse base

greenhouse base

Use 4"x4" treated, or natural decay-resistant, sawn lumber to make the base.

Make a rectangle 8ft" x 10ft" (2400mm x 3000mm) as shown in the drawing above. Fix the lumber together in the corners by using galvanized nails and nail plates.

Before you site (position) the base, make sure the ground where the base will rest is level and firm.

Use a level or a water level to check the grade, and dig accordingly to level the ground directly beneath where the lumber will be sitting.

Go to for an article on 'how to make and use an inexpensive water level'.

Check that the two diagonal measurements are equal. If they are not, make any necessary adjustments. When the diagonals are equal, then the base is square.

Secure the base in place by driving stakes into the ground around the perimeter.
Nail the stakes to the base and cut flush any stakes protruding higher than the base lumber.

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