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How to build a Greenhouse

STEP 4. The end walls   Page 2 of 2  

greenhouse end wall frames

Ensure side walls are plumb (vertical)

For all wall framing lumber, use 2"x3" treated, or natural decay-resistant, sawn lumber.

Cut studs (a) to size and fix in place. They should be 27-1/2" apart to allow for the door.

Cut top plates (b) and (c) to size and fix in place.

Cut bottom plates (d) to size and fix in place.

Measure, cut and fix the bracing members (e) in place.

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STEP 5. The windows

greenhouse windows

For the windows use 2"x2" treated, or natural decay-resistant, sawn lumber for the top and bottom frames and 2"x3" treated, or natural decay-resistant, sawn lumber for the side and middle mullions.

Angle cut the bottom of the window frame 30 degrees (the same pitch as the roof).

Make two windows as per dimensions above. Fix in place with two butt hinges on each window screwed to the top frames of the windows and the window support plate.

Fit a window latch to each window.

Measure, cut and fix a row of nogs* (*blocking, short pieces of lumber set between the rafters) below the window and in between the roof frames as per the above drawing.

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STEP 6. The doors

greenhouse door

Make the doors (2, one each end of the green house) as per above dimensions.

Use 2"x2" treated, or natural decay-resistant, sawn lumber for the frames and cut the gussets from 3/8" treated plywood.

Make the door frames up on an even piece of ground. Ensure frames are square and then nail the gussets in place on both sides of the doors.

Hinge the doors in place and fit handles or padbolts of your choice.

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STEP 7. The greenhouse cover

Cover the greenhouse with UV-resistant polythene.

Hold the coverings in place by laying thin battens (strips of wood) over the polythene (ensuring the polythene is taut) and nailing the battens to the greenhouse studs, roof rafters or any other solid member.

Cover the doors and windows also.

Most hardware merchants or garden suppliers only stock the standard plastic polythene that is not UV resistant but they should be able to advise you where to get the polythene required for the greenhouse covering.

One source that might be worth looking at for cover (USA) is Tyco Plastics.

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Materials and quantities

Item Description
330ft of 2"x3" treated, or natural decay-resistant, sawn lumber framing; rip down for battens, doors and windows
Misc nails, plates, strapping, hinges, handles etc
36ft of 4"x4" treated, or natural decay-resistant, sawn lumber base
10ft of 1"x6" treated, or natural decay-resistant, sawn lumber fascia
4ft x 8ft x 3/8" thick treated plywood gussets
350sq ft ultra-violet-resistant polythene covering

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User comments/photos

Summer of 09 we built my greenhouse from the plans on this site. We modified a bit for the height and made it fit the foundation that was in place. It was a lot of work but it came out so good, I have it filled with plants now and loving my time inside. Thanks for posting the plans    See photos

I Would like to give you credit for your greenhouse plans. I built one that is 10' X 16' . I enclosed it with Solex panels. My wife and grandmother just love it.
Again I would like to thank you for your free site.
Thank you for your site, Louis Jones Townville, SC USA    See photo

My wife and I love to spent time outside in our ever expanding garden so we thought a greenhouse, using your plans, would be a great addition to our planting hobby. The greenhouse plan was simple, well laid out and easy to understand. I am sure that we will enjoy it for many years to come.
Kevin & Valerie Cowan   Upstate South Carolina   Photo

Hi there, A lot of good projects and plans to find here. Here is a pic of our Greenhouse.
It works really good. Costs were around 160,- Euro.
Thanx Alex & Stefan   Photo

Hi. Just a few photos of the greenhouse I built according to your plans last fall. Only modification was to add 6 inches to the wall height. Did not have treated lumber for 2 by 3's so stained it with a green preservative (copper napthenate). I covered it with a clear (translucent) woven poly. cheers,
Andrew   Photo

I thought I would send in two pictures of my greenhouse I built with your plans. I am in America, so I had to convert to English measurements. Thanks for the inspiration. We love it!
M. H.
Austin, TX, USA

I have just completed a greenhouse from you plan, and I am very happy with the results,
I used PVC panels rather than Poly. Photo attached,
Ken Taylor Photo

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