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Making a simple Planter Box
planter box
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How to make a simple planter box

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This planter box is a simple and inexpensive project to undertake - an ideal project for the novice. It is constructed solely of 100x50 (2x4) lumber and the longest length is less than 500mm (20").

In this page....
bullet Planter box schematic
bullet About the lumber
bullet The plans
bullet The material and cutting list
bullet The instructions

About the lumber

The lumber sizes referred to in this project are the "actual" sizes i.e. the size of the lumber once it has been dressed or surfaced (made smooth

  small planter box

For example: when 100mm x 50mm (2"x4") rough lumber is dressed or surfaced the actual size of the lumber becomes less.
If the nominal size (or rough size) of a piece of lumber is 100mm x 50mm (2"x4"), the actual size of that same piece of lumber could be 94mm x 46mm (1 1/2 "x 3 1/2").

The nominal size of lumber is also the size that is usually referred to when purchasing from the lumber yard. For example 100mm x 50mm (2"x4"). Note that the actual size can vary slightly from place to place.

The lumber used in this project is a common size and should be readily available at any lumber store. Select a type of lumber that is suitable for exterior use.

The Plans

plans of a planter box
plan view of a planter box

The Instructions

Step 1.
Pre-cut all the lumber to length. There will be:
bullet4 pieces at 470mm (17 1/2") long. Angle cut each end in at 45 degrees.
bullet14 pieces at 360mm (14 1/2") long.
bullet5 pieces at 282mm (10 1/2") long.

Step 2.
Make up the 2 front walls (d) and the 2 side walls (c) as shown in diagram. Use 75mm (3") galvanized nails. Angle the nail through the top of one piece of wood into the side of another. Sometimes pre drilling can make the task easier.

  planter box sides

Step 3.
Nail the 2 front walls (d) to the two side walls (c).

  making the planter box walls

Step 4.
Make up the floor by nailing the base pieces (b) to the runners (a). Insert the floor into the bottom part of the front and side walls so that the runners are protruding 20mm below the walls. Fix by nailing through the front and side walls into the base.

  planter box floor

Step 5.
Nail the capping (e) to the top of the front (d) and side (c) walls

All done.
EAZY with a capital "Z"!

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  finished planter box

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