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Free Kid's
Castle Playhouse Plans
kid's play castle
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How to make
A Kid's Castle Playhouse
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bullet Page one: Introduction - The designer - Navigation tips
bullet Page two: Tools - Materials - Instructions
bullet Page three: Wall plans - Imperial (ft and inch) measurements
bullet Page four: Wall plans - Metric (mm) measurements
bullet Page five: Floor and roof plans - Imperial (ft and inch) measurements
bullet Page six: Floor and roof plans - Metric (mm) measurements
bullet Page seven: Lug and plug system detail

Lug and Plug detail

Below are the plans for making a lug template including the plug hole placement. There is also a detail plan of the plugs giving necessary dimensions followed by a 'tip' on how to taper the plugs.
kids castle playhouse assembly detail

Tip: Making the plugs
Make the plugs out of 18mm (3/4") diameter wood dowel. 36 plugs are required altogether although a few extra for future plug loss would be advisable. Forty 75mm (3") plugs can be made from a 3000mm (10ft) length of dowel.

Taper the plugs by holding a full length of dowel in a turning motion against a belt sander. Once the end of the dowel is tapered to the dimensions as shown in the above plan, then cut 75mm (3") off the end of the dowel length. The first plug is made. Repeat the sanding and cutting action until all the plugs are made.

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