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Kids easel project
kids easel

How to build a kids multipurpose easel
bullet Page one: Introduction and the parts list
bullet Page two: Assemble the easel
arrow Page three: Add the final touched
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add the rope to the easel The final touches

Stand the easel upright and spread the rear leg to suit.

Thread a piece of thin rope through the hole at the bottom of the front vertical piece and also through the hole in the rear leg.

Tie the rope to the front vertical piece and the rear leg so that the legs cannot spread further.
See picture.

add a few holders to the kids easel Add a few containers

Add two or three containers to the easel frame as shown in the picture.
Drill a hole through the top of the container and through the wood and fix in place with a bolt.

The containers can be practically anything that will hold pencils, chalk, wiping rag, or anything else you think might be required when using the easel.

Below are a couple of ideas of how to use the multipurpose easel. Have fun!

a few options fot the easel

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User Comments Author: Les Kenny
Editor: Maree Anderson

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User comments and/or photos

I just built this in under 2 hours and even though I slightly goofed some of the measurements it worked out perfectly. Thanks for the free instructions.   Proud father and husband,
Guy H Finley

Here's an easel we made off your plans while on holiday in Spain.
Things were a little different for me here, so had to change a few things!
I don't know if they even have lumber yards here in the city (Barcelona) or close to it, but found a carpentry store just around the corner from where we are staying more and photo >>>

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